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27 February 2015

Workflow Software for B2B and E-Commerce

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Workflow Software for B2B and E-Commerce

In our article on B2B, E-Commerce and BPM we saw some comments on B2B, B2C and E-Commerce.

Managing everything mentioned in this article requires the following:

  • A change in mentality to understand the new rules of play considering the current market changes. Without this change of mentality a company could easily collapse.
  • Allowing for IT competition and having a team capable of managing the new possibilities offered on the Internet helps business managers with the necessary integrations.
  • Having a good computer platform specially designed for online business (or E-Business).

In our search for an IT solution, much to our dismay, we discovered that not all software is able to help us manage and successfully reach our commercial objectives.

However, if our search for a software solution helps us to gain a better understanding of Business Process Management (BPM) suites then we will have taken a big step forward and we will feel much more satisfied.

In other articles, I have mentioned the importance of performing a thorough assessment of the software and how superficial demos are insufficient. It is always advisable to request ‘proof of concept’ which demonstrates if the software can adjust to our needs.



One platform especially designed for doing business over the internet is AuraPortal Helium

Thanks to its modular structure AuraPortal Helium can control everything from a very simple project or the management of a department right through to the complete, integrated management of an entire company or organization. This is possible thanks to its modern and flexible BPM (Business Process Management) software which can be used by anyone, even people without technical skills.

With AuraPortal ‘everyone’ (employees from different areas and centers, customers, agents, Partners, shops, hauliers, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.) can perform operations with the entity remotely using any device (computer, Smartphone, PDA, etc.) but unlike all other products on the market, with AuraPortal these actions are not treated in an isolated way. Instead they are incorporated in the company’s Process flows which intercommunicate between the customer, administration, technical and support staff.