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08 July 2015

What Our Clients Say

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AuraPortal and its market-leading iBPMS solution have helped our customers to significantly improve their company workflows. Business process management has enabled them to solve different types of problems and achieve a myriad of objectives, including the benefit of savings in time and costs as experienced in all cases.  Below you will find some AuraPortal case studies with particular focus on how the software implementation has helped our customers.

What Our Customers Say:

“Thanks to AuraPortal, we have succeeded in automating all company operations, including all activities related to administrative management in the temporary recruitment industry in the UK. This case has won a global award in excellence for BPM workflow.”

Paul O’Rourke, New Millenia Group PLC

“All the institution’s crucial activities have been automated, excelling in the Purchase of Goods and Hiring of Services process, which was achieved in record time; the challenge was to complete the implementation in three months and with AuraPortal it was achieved in just two months.”

Karen López Supelano, The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito

“It has improved our interdepartmental communication and the reliability of the managed information; as a result the company is now able to detect areas for improvement in the processes.”

Luis Corbí Luis Corbí Pharmacy

“Thanks to the implementation of AuraPortal, this company which is devoted to the Fishing, Aquaculture and Commercialization of bluefin tuna, has succeeded in automating all processes, from the first phase right to the very last. Tasks which previously took around 5 hours are now completed in approximately 20 minutes.”

 Begonya Melich, Grup Balfegó