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what is social BPM AuraPortal
31 December 2014

What is Social BPM?

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Social BPM is literally the union of Business Process Management (BPM) and Social Collaboration. This concept is based on a simple premise: “work” is a combination of people who use technology to perform a number of processes.

Social Collaboration allows the democratization of decisions in business processes.

Social collaboration enables the resolution of critical problems  whilst generating  results by connecting people within the company’s processes and the applications which are used daily.

Social Collaboration AuraPortal

The information reaches all authorized users. Thus,  AuraPortal Helium offers a secure social base throughout the entire technology environment so that its employees, customers, suppliers and Partners can collaborate in the context in which they work.

The objective of social BPM is to reduce inefficient interactions and make better use of available resources.

Some of the main advantages of Social Collaboration are:

  • Collaboration of decisions, problems or key projects
  • Reduction in production times and increased efficiency
  • Possibility to communicate corporate information to users securely
  • Increase in participation from employees, customers, suppliers and Partners
  • Improves communication throughout the company and makes sharing best practice easy
  • Knowledge generated by employees stays in the system
  • Connects to people, information and processes to accelerate business and generate results
  • Improves communication and collaboration between employees in different locations
  • Helps employees to keep chaos in projects under control, to generate consensus and improve decisions
  • Protects information with secure social collaboration throughout the company
  • Enables employees to find internal collaborators and experts in the subject quickly
  • Formulates strategies, communicates and boosts progress with customers, suppliers and Partners

The flow of information that is generated bya BPM with integrated Social Collaboration enables the democratization of decisions when optimizing processes.Thus, if debates generate positive reviews, the propsals reach the head of the configuration process for its optimization and notifies the users. In the case of negative reviews, this information is stored for future reference and the users are informed.

Social Collaboration AuraPortal

Furthermore,AuraPortal’s social collaboration includes the possibility to see task alerts on the discussion wall. It also has a panel where employee activity is monitored in the system and incorporates its own Chat to facilitate direct communication.

2 Responses

  1. Me parece que el enfoque del artículo puede ser más agresivo e integral respecto al tema del trabajo colaborativo/en red en las organizaciones, hay que profundizar más en un modelo de gestión en red con BPMS que en los puntos de aplicación que éste puede tener en un trabajo colaborativo.

  2. Muchas gracias por leernos Luis, en futuros artículos consideraremos un enfoque más agresivo. Un saludo