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20 January 2015

What is Big Data and why should you know about it?

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The term Big Data refers to the massive accumulation of large scale data.

Its technology can help all aspects of business management; accountancy, sales, marketing…

This technology can work wonders for organizations in all sectors of business management from accountancy management, sales and marketing right through to the storage of huge quantities of information.

The great importance of this type of software lies in the intelligence with which the computers manage all input data and control the information and results (reports) which influence managerial real-time decision making as they manage and analyze large volumes of data that regular software is simply not capable of handling conventionally. In other words, sources of Big Data storage contain large amounts of data on various matters that are cross examined, gathering evidence and behaviors, hypothesis and results and data variability.

Therefore Big Data falls under the umbrella of “smart computing”, which, at the risk of being repetitive, is a new type of software which checks and provides extremely valuable information used to fulfill company objectives. Furthermore, it provides information on past events, analysis and error indications.


The information is used to quickly obtain data which can’t be seen with the naked eye.

The implementation of this technology has rapidly taken off in companies due to its immense practicality, constituting what is known as Business Intelligence, which is the application of these technologies in the company dynamics and the acquisition of reports and analysis of the desired variables. Therefore it is only natural that Big Data is used with BPM to automatically benefit from the great advantages of business Intelligence.