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22 April 2015

Universities also use BPM

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Business process management systems appear to be closely linked to the financial and telecommunication sectors, however BPMS can be used in an type of organization.

Indeed, such a system can be used to manage all issues arising in any company or organization whatever its core Business may be.

AuraPortal offers its BPM technology to worldwide universities

Universities such as the University of Deusto and the Colombian School of Engineering (ECI) Julio Garavito already use an iBPMS system to solve various issues using automated business processes.

A wide variety of issues; whether it’s regulatory compliance, as in the case of the University of Deusto or quality improvement,  as in the case of Blanquerna-Universitat’s implementation in their faculty  of Health Science applicable to studies and projects.

AuraPortal BPM is used in practices and simulations carried out by the students and professors in teachings related to the business organization environment, regulations, innovation and other disciplines concerning company management. Furthermore, AuraPortal has made agreements with Universities, including the University of Malaga, to provide students with the necessary tools in order to, in the words of the company;

“Contribute to the professionals of the future who, will enter the labor market in a few years as information system professionals and will need to know how and in which way companies use the different technologies in real working environments.”

Besides giving the students and professors an idea of the type of control tools that are currently being used, it also allows them to recreate as many real scenarios as necessary and assimilate the different behaviors and business structures, enabling them to develop a clear view of the most current ICT solutions.