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04 February 2015

Travel Managers & their priorities for 2015

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Carlson Wagonlit Travel’s latest report on the priorities of travel management in 2015, based on the analysis of 1,113 replies from people who represent 515 organizations in over 500 countries, reveals very interesting data, such as how travel managers will put more emphasis on mobile technology to manage their travel programs for 2015 and that they will focus more attention on data security, global economy and Big Data.

One of the indisputable tendencies over the last few years is the increased use of low cost flight companies, especially by Millennials. The economic crisis and the need to tighten the purse strings make these options more attractive, especially for young people who often don’t have stable jobs or students with expensive tuition fees.

Therefore, in 2015 low cost companies will drastically increase their capacities, mainly in Asia and Latin America, where the surveyed managers hope to have the biggest impact. Also, the drop in fuel prices could mean cheaper flights and an important fall in fuel surcharges for aviation companies. It is noted that airplanes will be less full than last year, but still travel expenses will increase by 8.6% compared to the previous year.

Travel managers will still focus on savings and acquiring customer loyalty. So, it is noted that one of the priorities (with 63% of replies) will be the use of passenger and travel data to perform predictive and comparative analysis. This highlights the importance managers are placing on Business Intelligence and Intelligent Analytics, which enables them to direct their programs with more focus and orientation towards achieving their business objectives.

Regarding the managers from Europe, The Middle East and Africa, their top three priorities for this year include the promotion of mobile applications to achieve greater efficiency in customer movements, the implementation of a solution for tracking tariffs and reservations and the use of travel data to perform predictive and comparative analysis.

Mobile market demand

Travel managers now agree that Mobility, automated company management and business intelligence are key concepts for improving efficiency and faster growth. AuraPortal insist on these aspects in order to help their customers improve productivity and efficiency. BPM software like AuraPortal implements the necessary processes to control tariff and reservation tracking and the management of mobile applications. Furthermore they collect all the data and perform descriptive analysis to draw conclusions on the processes in motion and to achieve better results.

If you wish to read the full interesting report in greater depth we have provided the following link.