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15 January 2015

Tourism Management and BPM

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The tourism industry is an important factor in economic growth in many countries, and in some cases it constitutes one of the main economic activities. It has indeed become a major industry on a global scale.

Today, the business volume of tourism equals or even surpasses that of oil exports, ‎food products or automobiles. Tourism has become one of the major players in ‎international commerce, and represents at the same time one of the main income ‎sources for many developing countries. This growth goes hand in hand with an ‎increasing diversification and competition among destinations.‎

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

Gestión del Turismo con BPM

A country’s tourism policy should be dynamic and competitive to face the constant emergence of new destinations. Traditional favorites are based on quality and the diversification in demand is creating new angles such as cultural tourism, gastronomy, rural or even shopping and of course, being adaptable to accommodate people of different abilities and being environmentally aware are of great importance.

This diversification is having a large impact on economies, socio-cultures and territories. All this activity requires the effective public management of tourism, and above all the ability to coordinate all the people involved in the industry. Subsequently, governments in touristic countries form public bodies or companies designed to execute this management.

One such public body is ATSAU (Andorra Tourism SAU), created to promote tourism in the Principality of Andorra. It faced the challenge of improving the efficiency of day to day activities with business process management and thanks to this decision they have experienced a great quantitative and qualitative leap in terms of flexibility and speed when implementing new or modifying existing operations in the organization, without the need to update and verify cumbersome written procedures.

Andorra turisme

The BPM software they chose was AuraPortal. I am pleased to share our success story with you as it contains a detailed description of the problems facing ATSAU and the solutions provided by AuraPortal BPM.

Finally, a quick visit to Andorra through this video of wintertime 2014/2015