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29 December 2014

The World Starts to Glow at Christmas with Energy Eficiency

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Christmas has arrived and many towns, villages and homes all over the world celebrate the festivities with beautiful artistic lights that never fail to surprise us. We must congratulate many of them, especially for adapting to the current regulations and complying with energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency consists of the reduction in energy consumption whilst maintaining the same energy supply, without reducing service, comfort or the quality of life, and assuring supply, protecting the environment and promoting sustainability …

Take the famous city of Medellin, Colombia for example, named by National Geographic as one of the ten best cities in the world for Christmas illuminations, and which, this year 2014, has installed 30 million LED bulbs!

Medellín Luces Led

However it’s not just during popular holidays that we want luminosity, all towns and cities want public lights for their citizens to walk the streets safely. Currently exterior lighting, just like festive lights, are experiencing technological advances and are invoking standards to protect the environment. In both cases (and in all energy related circumstances) the vast  amount of actions performed by administrations and contracted companies cannot be controlled by outdated and inefficient IT systems. They need to assess and manage all these activities with systems that solve the complexity. I use the term complexity to refer to the sheer quantity of factors involved and the huge amount of workers needed.

Achieving energy efficiency is a task which requires high levels of control for all the numerous mechanisms of action and a BPM solution can manage them efficiently.

A complete and well implemented Business Process Management will ensure compliance with all regulations and make it simple to implement and meet standards. The ISO 50001 standard, created by energy efficiency was modeled around quality and environmental standards. The well known success story of Toyota, presented the ‘Global Award for Excellence’ by ‘Workflow Management Coalition, WfMC’ for encouraging and ensuring compliance with environmental legal obligations using the GEA-TOYOTA application developed using the AuraPortal BPM Suite.

With AuraPortal BPM all standards (mandatory, voluntary and internal) function automatically.

Interesting  facts:

The creators of LED received the Nobel Prize in Physics 2014. Meanwhile a group of Japanese scientists discovered the new flat light with high energy efficiency featured in the magazine “Muy Interesante” see the Link.