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14 November 2010

The process implantation lasted only 2 months

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The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito automates its Processes with AuraPortal.

The Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito, is a University of technological character, dedicated to the integral training of persons with high scientific, technical and humanistic preparation, characterized by its ethical commitment and it´s social solidarity spirit.

Right now it offers eight professional programs, from which 6 have a high quality certification. In the investigation field, there have been 22 groups shaped in the institution acknowledged by Colciencias. It has 477 professors and more than 5.000 students, in graduate and postgraduate areas, and 7 buildings constructed in the middle of a 27.5 hectares campus.

The first automated process was that of Goods Purchase and Services Hiring, from which the operations with their more than 1.000 suppliers are controlled. Archivenet, an AuraPortal partner in Colombia, has been in charge of the implantation.

The Engineer Luis Javier Mosquera Quijano, MBA, Administrative and Financial Vice-rector of the Colombian Engineering School, explains the project approach: “After evaluating 8 suppliers we opted for the AuraPortal BPMS because, being one of the most important in the market and used by big multinational companies, it was the only one that allowed us to start the project a record time“.

That´s how it happened. The process implantation lasted only 2 months. Using AuraPortal, apart from effective processes, we have achieved less paper consumption, ordered documentation, traceability and, especially, higher satisfaction grade from our customers, being deans, students, professors, family men or suppliers´, the Vice-rector Mosquera assures.