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23 December 2010

The National Petroleum Company of Chile, ENAP, installs the AuraPortal BPMS platform

The National Petroleum Company of Chile, ENAP, market leader in fuel refining and supply and the fourth most important company in Chile, has recently installed the AuraPortal BPMS platform.

The operation was carried out by BPMConsultancy, Partner of AuraPortal in Chile, who will be in charge of installing and launching the project and of the entire basic consultancy as well.

Jaime Krumel, Managing Partner of Development in BPMConsultancy, mentioned his satisfaction with gaining the trust of ENAP (Empresa Nacional del Petróleo de Chile) for this project, since it is a market leader in the country´s fuel refining and supply industry.

ENAP will begin with the automation of their Logistics Management Process of Sea Fuel Transport, whose purpose is to improve the management of the entire operating cycle of fuel transportation, in both national coastal trade and imports-exports.

About ENAP (National Oil Company)

The National Petroleum Company (Empresa Nacional del Petróleo ENAP) is a state-owned company of Chile devoted to the exploration, production and commercialization of hydrocarbons and their by-products.

Initially it was in charge of oil prospecting and exploitation in Tierra de Fuego and the Strait of Magellan. Later, it built three refineries: Aconcagua (Concón, 1954), Concepción (now called Hualpén, 1967) and Gregorio. These three refineries have a total capacity of 230,000 barrels per day and they belong to ENAP Refineries.

First it built a network of oil and gas pipelines and afterwards another one, between Aconcagua Refinery and the storage facility in Maipú.

With the help of its affiliate ENAP Sipetrol, created in 1990, it has broadened its operations in countries like Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Yemen, Iran and Egypt.

About BPMConsultancy

BPMConsultancy specializes in management support consultancy in business processes in all kinds of companies, with the use of technological BPMS (Business Process Management Suite) platforms that allow companies to automate their business processes, mainly “core Business” ones.

It takes part in all kinds of activities that help companies manage their processes efficiently, measure their activities, reduce cycle times and control transactional costs, offering direct support to business architecture, and creating links among company individuals, processes, systems and objectives.

It has a team of consultants, experts in the establishment of BPM systems, with more than 4 years of experience in Chile.