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06 September 2012

The National Insurance Institute of Costa Rica (INS) certifies part of its personnel with the official ‘AuraPortal Consultant’ qualification

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The INS, customer of AuraPortal, has certified part of its personnel in the AuraPortal Process Management (BPM) tool, with the objective of reaching a greater level of autonomy in the implementation and automation of all their organizational processes.

The fact that AuraPortal is aimed at business users, and therefore does not require any programming, has enabled the INS team to be multidisciplinary, being composed of both responsible business positions and systems staff positions.

The INS team, made up of Ms. Nathalie Anchía Zúñiga, Mr. César Mercado Alfaro, Mr. José Arévalo Asencio and Mr. Óscar Salas Sevilla, achieved the maximum score in the final exam, obtaining the ‘AuraPortal Consultant’ certification with the greatest merit.

In order to ensure the maximum benefit of this course which was held at the AURA offices, the AuraPortal Training School personalized the training, orientating it to meet the needs of the INS, thus achieving full benefit for the whole team.

The time the INS spent at the AURA offices confirmed the already excellent relationship between both entities and the establishment of a successful present and future collaboration.