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07 January 2011

The installation of the AuraPortal BPMS solution has offered Balfegó administrative activity automation.

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Company: Balfegó Group


Address: L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona, Spain


Products and Services: Capture, alimentation, study and commercialization of the Red Tuna under a sustainable business responsibility system. It also markets other types of fish.

Target Market: Known internationally, although 80% of its revenue is carried out in consignment sales in the Japanese market.

Used Applications: AuraPortal BPMS

Summary: Balfegó is the main Catalan company devoted to Fishing, Aquiculture, and Commercialization of the red tuna. It is also the only company in the world to implant a Traceability System in the red tuna, which it leaves to the consumers’ disposal, by means of a simple sms or through its website.


1. Introduction

The installation of the AuraPortal BPMS solution has offered Balfegó administrative activity automation and a drastic reduction in human errors. Results were visible after two weeks from the beginning of the installation.

2. The problem

Balfegó is a company strongly committed to its customers and to society in general, in order to sustainably satisfy their expectations, far more than just complying with laws and other obligations. Its Vision is that generations that follow can continue fishing responsibly, just as the previous generations have been doing, because the resources it acts upon are worth sustaining through an improved attitude and policy that guarantees the maximum results and benefits, that are also cost-effective.

The red tuna is a highly migrating fish, which makes it necessary for a regional fishing organization (ICCAT) to supervise and control it. In order to preserve the species, in 2006 ICCAT implemented a recuperation plan that forces operators to comply with more than 30 guidelines, making it to the most controlled and regulated fishing activity in the world, but with a fair amount of administrative complexity.

When manager Juan Serrano arrived, Balfegó decided to give the company a technological leap in order to reach business excellence under a sustainable business responsibility system that constantly meets its customers´ expectations and guarantees the continuity of the species in future generations.

3. The Solution

One of the pillars of the new Balfegó strategy was the installation of the AuraPortal BPMS, as a corporate automation platform of all its processes, both administrative and operational ones, related to the tuna treatment.

The specialized Business Process Consultancy firm FSF Business Management Technologies, AuraPortal partner, has been in charge of the application installation and business process consulting.

It started by launching several key processes: Extraction, Alimentation, Processing and Commercialization.

Extraction Process

Process aim

Optimization of fishing operations efficiency, activity adaptation by searching for improvements in terms of sustainability, collaboration with scientific organizations for the study and preservation of the Red Tuna species (CSIC, IEO, IRTA).

Acquired benefits

Automatically create and send documentation from the ships, communications to red tuna investigation centers, self control in the management of the quotas assigned to the whole fleet.

Farm Maintainance Process  and Alimentation

Process aim

Adapt the sales order to the customer needs, in order to achieve the best price in the market, ensure the product adapts to the requirements of each market.

Acquired benefits

Automatic alimentation quantifying based on indicators and objectives, automatic communications to different administrations.

Industrial Processing Porcess

Process aim

  • Unleash execution according to the existing demand.
  • Quality adjustment control matching the customer requirements.
  • Official documentation creation and delivery.

Acquired benefits

  • Automatic assignment of each tuna piece to each client according to weight or gross percentage.
  • Official documentation creation and dispatch.

Commercialization Process

Process aim

80% of the revenue is carried out in consignment sales in the Japanese market, Collection of variables that affect the market price of each piece, constant adaptation of the sales strategy.

Acquired benefits

Customer integration in the commercial process using external portals, Speeding up and optimizing the information flow, reports creation automation and remittance, integration with the ERP system for automatic invoicing.

Other Processes

Other, simpler processes have also been launched, such as non conformities management and corrective actions, suppliers register and homologation, IT support requests, and measuring device calibration.

“The especial feature of the BPM technology in Balfegó was that we´ve not only used AuraPortal for the administrative processes of the organization but also in all processes related to the tuna treatment”.
Juan Serrano, Balfegó general manager
“An interesting improvement achieved is the help in creating and communicating the captures carried out in campaign season. It´s impressive seeing all the work we save in the shop patterns, in creating this documentation and remitting it to the state administrations. Just think that patterns must be for fishing and cannot lose time with other types of work”.
“This year we have 12 ships working, half of them french, with external AuraPortal portals”.

4. General Results

Thanks to the professionalism of its consultants and their knowledge in AuraPortal, FSF has managed to offer Balfegó solutions truly customized to their requirements and at the same time when these needs have not been achievable by other BPM tools in the market. For example, the sales Data Capture process in Japan was ready in two weeks, including the integration with the ERP system for automatic invoicing.

In short, the AuraPortal project has achieved great success on both sides:

Implementation success

  • Step-by-step implementation.
  • With results visible after two weeks from the beginning of installation.
  • Ease of use and system modification by advanced users.

Business benefits

  • Human errors reduction.
  • Easy adaptation to environment changes.
  • Acquisition of information unknown before.
  • Fast return on investment (ROI).

“The most important benefits? Clearly the time reduction in carrying out tasks that before consumed a lot of time. In some processes, more than 5 hours a day”.
“We also acquire information we didn´t have before during process times and now have better information analysis”.
Juan Serrano, Balfegó general manager