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10 February 2015

The Importance of the Work Space

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Each employee’s workspace is just as important as any other factor when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Indeed, if employees feel comfortable at their posts, they will be happier and more relaxed at their work.

It is normal to see offices and work desks decorated in different ways, (photos of loved ones, plants, lava lamps…) each person is comforted by certain things and motivated by others. Indeed, working at a grey desk is not the same as working in a personalized space.


Therefore, the freedom of movement in terms of decorating each employee’s workspace and effort on behalf of human resources or management to make their employees feel comfortable is of paramount importance for the company. It is not a question of luxury but a necessity in the search for efficiency.

Although we love our job it can sometimes be overwhelming due to the workload subjected to the physical body and mind. If we add these stressful factors to the disadvantages of an uncomfortable working environment, nothing good can come of it.

Undoubtedly, each company’s economy forces it to adapt to its means, however a more assertive approach would be to focus on the needs of each worker and adapt to suit them, i.e. the work space adapting to each worker.

It may seem absurd to think that changing a chair or a noisy air conditioning unit can increase efficiency, but it’s true. So we urge you to make yourselves as comfortable as possible in your work place.

Requests for purchases of items that have nothing to do with production, for example, furniture, office supplies, consumables, cleaning products, IT equipment, etc. are as easy to automate as any other business process.

With automation through BPM, an employee who for example needs a new chair, office equipment, a service, etc. can initiate a purchase process by completing a request form which will go through the following flow: approval, purchase, receipt, billing and accounting check and payment. AuraPortal BPM can manage the entire purchase cycle.

.. hereby reducing costs and optimizing the work of each employee.

AuraPortal proposes a new way to organize the company’s acquisition of goods and services, based on information and communication by involving all areas of the organization and all providers and suppliers, in the process. Hence all purchase processes, supplies and services such as office supplies, repairs, IT equipment, parts, maintenance services, printing services, business trips, etc. will be managed from beginning to end.