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01 April 2015

The importance of Simulation of process execution

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The importance of Simulation in process execution.

Business managers and persons responsible for processes understand the importance of Simulation in the Process Lifecycle.

For optimum performance, it is essential that Business Process Management Suites include the possibility for process execution simulations. This involves virtually executing the processes in imaginary situations to identify and quantify any circumstances that could potentially influence the real running of these processes. These operations should reveal potential bottlenecks, overloads, unequal work distributions, excessive execution times, etc.

AuraPortal offers two complementary simulations:

  • Statistical Simulation
  • Real Simulation

The process lifecycle in AuraPortal clearly shows how statistical simulation can form part of the modeling stage and how Real Simulation fits into the execution stage.


Let’s look at the two types of simulation in more detail.lifecycle bpms


Statistical simulation is based on the introduction of probability data to the critical events of the process in question, for example, the estimated duration of one or more process tasks, the resources necessary for certain actions, their costs, etc. With this imaginary data results are generated for ‘What if’ style questions and potential bottlenecks, yields, costs, workloads and all essential KPI’s are identified.

Statistical Simulation implies the application of probabilities which are not always easily quantifiable, forcing the introduction of probabilistic calculations which are not always reliable, although they are considered valid when there is no better reference.

Likewise, statistical simulation allows information to be obtained from the virtual environments but this information is not suitable for detecting specific errors or insufficiencies in the process design. For example, excessive personal task execution times due to non-optimal task form designs, etc.

Statistical simulation trials have proven that the results only give a basic estimation, which is generally insufficient to determine the suitability of the process design. For this reason, in AuraPortal “statistical simulations” are strengthened by “Real Simulations”, which are much more reliable because they do not involve probabilistic estimates. Instead they make it possible to truly observe the KPIs during real trials. Furthermore, you can perform as many real simulations as deemed necessary.


In addition to Statistical Simulation, AuraPortal offers Real Simulation.

Unlike statistical simulation, the real simulation offered by AuraPortal is instantly accessible, not only to the process designers, but also to all business managers and analysts, for them to easily perform simulations on running processes in real working environments, demonstrating the comparative advantage of AuraPortal.

Moreover, once an error or lack of performance is detected through the real simulation, it can be corrected immediately without the need for any programming.

The power of the real simulation offered by AuraPortal is based on two important characteristics. Firstly, the possibility of interchanging the “Development Environment” and the “Testing Environment” modes of the process design as many times as necessary. Secondly, the enormous flexibility of both the diagram and the object attributes when modifying the process designs.

Combining both possibilities, the real simulation can be focused on in two ways:

Quick execution

This procedure involves using the real processes themselves in the Testing Environment offered by AuraPortal and making them function provisionally in “quick format”.

Execution in production

Generally, once the design of the Process Class is complete, it is passed to “Production Environment” Mode so that users can start and execute the processes with real data.

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