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31 December 2014

The importance of logistics in e-Commerce

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Logistics are extremely important and if they don’t work they could cause a huge loss of sales for online commerce. Choosing a good logistics company is a major challenge for e-Commerce.

Many of us have already made online purchases and we will continue to do so as long as it makes life easier and we receive our goods within the expected time, flexible hours, with minimum cost and of course in perfect condition. Not forgetting that in addition to quickly obtaining information on order status and shipment it should be very easy to return and promptly cancel the new order if need be.

Therefore it is essential for online businesses and Logistic companies to optimize all their work and the services they offer and for them to work in collaboration sharing information between them and us the consumers.

The character of the logistics sector demands a great agility and flexibility of execution.

The storage, the movement and conservation of goods, the ability to quickly and securely make any necessary changes must all be cafefully factored.

In these processes all involved parties should participate, the employees, customers, subcontractors, agencies, etc. Even the drivers should be able to complete their tasks using mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, stylus, etc.).  Furthermore, the logistics of dangerous or outdated goods, such as medicines and food, for example, are strictly controlled by regulations and require compliance with complex processes.

AuraPortal BPM offers the optimal environment to optimize these processes. Here is a list of the processes which can be shown in a demo on request.

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