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11 February 2015

The great challenges of e-Commerce

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The online store, logistics and more

A Thought

Recently, I bought a pair of shoes and a set of towels online. The shoes, which came from a country over 2000km away, arrived in 4 days, whereas the towels, which came from a company only 180km away, took a week to arrive.

And that’s not all! The same day I ordered the shoes I received an email confirming that the order was in process and would arrive in four days. On the second day they informed me that my order had reached the boarder and on the third day I was told to expect the delivery between 10 and 11am the following morning. I was also given the delivery man’s phone number to cover all eventualities.

As for the towel company, they never contacted me and when I sent an email enquiring I received a very short reply (two days later) saying ‘they are en route’.

The fact is I was very happy with the shoe shop but I permanently deleted the towel supplier. I believe that my way of evaluating companies is rather common.

A common mistake

We have heard endless talk of the enormous opportunities that the Internet provides, glossing over many of these items with case studies showing that with a small investment, a small (or very small) company has made great business achievements thanks to the internet.

It is true. These enormous opportunities do indeed exist on a global market, but obviously a global market does not just mean lots of buyers but also many sellers. Therefore gaining customer loyalty will be more difficult for online stores.

A solution

The traditional keys to success on the internet have been creativity and understanding the rules of play in this new market, and in my opinion, this is still the case. However, we must not forget that in order to remain successful in this subtle market it is important to have the right tools.

It is not simply a case of designing an attractive website with a shopping cart, it requires much more.

Acquiring or developing an e-Commerce platform is only part of the problem. Online sales require great agility when publishing web contents (creation, approval, expiry dates, etc.) and also for sales, dispatch and customer service. Furthermore, using an e-Commerce platform without the total integration of the e-Commerce functionalities with commercial processes and the supply chain could lead to more resounding failures.

Fortunately, technology is advancing and offers solutions to each problem that arises. Now even non-technical staff can create their own e-Commerce Platform without needing to contract a specialist.Circuito comercio online

AuraPortal is the first business process management BPM  software with a system perfectly integrated with e-Commerce. It is characterized by its ease of use and sales operations. The total integration of online orders with product supply is a remarkable breakthrough as it allows an unprecedented automation of sales operations.

With AuraPortal we will not be like the towel company. We will be like the shoe company because the entire sales process will be automated from beginning to end. When the online customer makes a purchase, the system automatically checks the payment, prepares the invoice/waybill, gives the order to dispatch (if the warehouse has robotic automation people don’t even need to intervene in this task), orders transport for collection, sends the customer emails regarding the order status, generates the bill and transport payment, sets other processes in motion (also automatically) to cover all eventualities (such as returns, transport problems, etc..) All actions are timely performed without the need for human intervention and without any cost.

This is how we can offer an impeccable service at little cost and grow without extra investment.

Furthermore, I am not only thinking about the retail sector or sales. It seems clear that the majority of companies, in any sector, must quickly adapt their marketing, sales and customer service to meet the requirements of the current market, because potential and existing customers, whether individuals or businesses, now have computers and mobile devices (Smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) and want to interact online as it is more comfortable and is (or should be) cheaper.

AuraPortal Helium’s estimated Return on Investment (ROI) is 400%.