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26 March 2015

The Digital Era: Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries

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Primary Sector (Agriculture, Fishing and Livestock) Solutions with devices and BPM

The agricultural, livestock and fishing sectors are entering the digital era to improve and adapt their activities in terms of sustainability, to enhance productivity and become more competitive.

These sectors use devices which directly transmit measurements, results and all types of information collected from:

  • Machinery
  • Artifacts
  • Sensors

In other words, devices that collect data such as:

  • Humidity, temperature and light measurements
  • Temperature controls during rearing
  • Measurement of gas levels (methane, ammonia, etc.)
  • Oxygen and PH levels in fish farms etc.balfegó bpm

The combination of devices with BPM is proving extremely beneficial for the agricultural, fishing and livestock industries.

This combination helps to:

  • This combination helps to implement the processes which have been configured to control every aspect of agricultural product processing, livestock and fish farming.
  • Once the process is in motion, it collects the information sent by the devices in certain circumstances and the process itself can even request information from the device.

Whilst running, the processes provide managers with real activity situations, up to date information at any time, enabling them to make well informed decisions related to cost control, work optimization and support a greater understanding of final results such as profitability, etc.

All of this is possible through (to provide an example for each sector):

  • The monitoring and control of high-yielding (wheat, corn, etc.) and delicate crops (vineyards, tropical fruits, etc.), whether cultivated outdoors or in greenhouses.
  • Better care for livestock by maintaining animal health and wellbeing through the control of good quality air and food which also guarantees healthy growth of their offspring.
  • The automatic generation and dispatch of documentation from ships and fish farms to relevant areas.

Below, you will find two practical examples of the solution proposed by the union of devices and AuraPortal BPM:

Group Balfegó (Fishery) and Frutas Bean (Agriculture) explain how their problems were solved by BPM and devices.

The solution to Balfegó Group’s problems (Fishery)

Balfegó BPM

The solution to Frutas Bean’s problems (Agriculture)

FBeen bpm