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The BPM Academy AuraPortal Helium iBPMS
25 April 2016

The BPM Academy in Colombia Holds its First Course on AuraPortal Helium iBPMS with Great Success

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Colombia’s BPM Academy has started to run courses on Business Process Management  with remarkably high uptake. The first course was based on the BPM development platform: AuraPortal Helium iBPMS.

It is the first Colombian Training Academy to offer a complete course on Business Process Management methodology and BPM technology, based on AuraPortal BPM software.
primer curso sobre AuraPortal Helium iBPMS

Created in 2015, by the company TREDA Solutions in collaboration with AuraPortal, the BPM Academy offers different course options including online, onsite and a combination of both online and onsite teaching. These courses encompass the ‘BPM Universe’ and topics covered include BPM Methodologies and Foundations, BPM project management based on the Scrum model, or on Enterprise Architecture (EA) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI). Furthermore, they offer specialized training on the functionalities and use of the AuraPortal BPM Platform (Analysis and Process Management with AuraPortal) and their range of company official certifications to become certified AuraPortal Consultants or Senior Consultants.