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28 January 2015

The Advantages of having AuraPortal Training School at your disposal

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AuraPortal has a training school which runs Business Software courses related to AuraPortal BPM processes and solutions.

Having a training school in the same company as the Service provider is a major advantage. It gives customers direct access to training in the company or via AuraPortal web page which the school uses to for publications organized in a course calendar and webinars which are mainly held online.

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The course contents cover everything from BPM modeling, free task Workflow, business rules, Intranet, Extranet to business management or CRM.  All the courses offered have a practical orientation to provide students with the knowhow to execute real installations in companies.

The courses are run by BPM experts and qualified consultants with experience in all strategic and technical areas of AuraPortal BPM, so the teachers can guarantee a specialized assessment which saves time and resources when adapting AuraPortal BPM to each type of entity.

Two types of certificates are granted on the successful completion of the corresponding courses:

  • AuraPortal Functionalities Level 1 (Basic Grade)
  • AuraPortal Functionalities Level 2 (Advanced Grade)

These certificates guarantee the acquisition of sound knowledge of AuraPortal, which according to the renowned analysts Gartner and Ovum, is one of the most modern BPM tools on the market. They also guarantee the practical knowhow to implement AuraPortal in any private or public organization of any size.

The courses are aimed at general managers, head of departments, executives, IT managers, etc. In fact anyone interested in understanding in great detail, the possibilities business process management (BPM) software has to offer and its qualities which enable process automation in order to achieve optimal and efficient company performance.