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22 July 2015

Task Management directly from your Smartphone

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Nowadays there are Apps for everything. Indeed the mobile experience is a factor which affects companies on many levels. Mobility is undoubtedly the most important advantage that applied Apps can provide businesses. The number of mobile employees is increasing, i.e. employees who are not tied to their work stations. This trend does not only include the sales representatives who often travel on business, it also involves many job positions in which , thanks to new technology, the workers use intelligent devices to connect from home or from any other location.

Digital transformation is an ambiguous concept which refers to the modernization of companies with the new technologies applied in their business that provide clear benefits, for example, task automation or reduction in paper usage, etc. Software such as iBPMS or mobile applications can provide such benefits.

If, in addition, technological synergy is used, the benefits multiply.  A clear example is the AuraPortal task management App. With this App all company users have their workflow at their fingertips. Process management becomes available in a user-friendly mobile application which displays all the user’s pending tasks, hereby keeping the user up-to-date and avoiding time delays in the management of pertinent tasks.


Thus, if a worker is unable to get to the office, some of his workflow tasks may be delegated to another person or even completed with a single click, hereby improving the organization’s flow.

Furthermore, Apps enable us to directly use all the functionalities of the terminal. These functionalities can be included in the application upon customer request, for example, the use of GPS to activate the geolocation of the terminal.   This type of functionality cannot be used with other technology such as mobile Web. Apps offer greater advantages such as ease of use (one simple click) and increased security. Data is more secure in an app than on mobile Web because Internet access from a browser is more vulnerable to security issues.

Why wait to develop a mobile App and improve the mobility and effectiveness of your organization?