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23 February 2015

Take Control!

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Some things in life are beyond our control whilst others can be controlled perfectly. There are things we can control but believe we can’t and other things we think we have under control but in actual fact we don’t.

Examples of things beyond our control:

  • The weather
  • The traffic
  • What other people think and say…

Examples of things we have total control over.

  • What we think
  • What we say
  • How we react
  • When we go to bed
  • When we get up
  • What we eat
  • Who we befriend
  • What we read, see and listen to….

Everyone has control, or lack thereof, over the same things. Therefore it seems that being a controller, in terms of what can be controlled, is an achievement of inner peace, which we could benefit us all.

If we extrapolate this to our business, the need for control multiplies, given that a lack of control heightens our stress levels. This is especially true for managers who are the ones responsible for successfully controlling the company. It is not only asphyxiating on a personal level, but also in terms of the company’s global performance. Therefore, it is advisable to get everything under control. This involves automating all possible tasks, ensuring administrative tasks, documents and indeed all company operations are in perfect order to be able to detect and correct errors.


Software like AuraPortal can help you achieve the control you desire. With AuraPortal BPM software it is easy to automate tasks and improve performance in any type of organization. Therefore, if you think you need help to be an absolute controller and improve company performance, hereby reducing your stress levels, look no further. Simply click on the button below to contact us and we will help you.

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