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06 February 2015

Sustainable development. The big Challenge

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

In 2001 the European Commission defined CSR as;

A concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis.

What is Sustainability?

The concepts of sustainability and sustainable development have been raising awareness through different media following the report entitled ‘Our Common Future’, also known as the Brundtland Report (Click to access the report).

The report was written in 1987 by different nations for the UN, by a commission lead by Dr Gro Harlem Brundtland, then Prime Minister of Norway. Originally it was entitled Our Common Future. The term sustainable Development was first used in this report and was defined as ‘that which satisfies the needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations’. It involves a very important change regarding the idea of sustainability, essentially ecological, and a framework with emphasis on economic and social development.

Since then we have observed how the private sector is committing to CSR, although very slowly at first but gaining pace at present.

The main function of a company is to create value by producing goods or services, make profit and create jobs. Society is also evolving and the agility in the transmission of knowledge about the world around us is a factor which considerably influences this rapid evolution.

imagen estructura red

Social values change, and as a result, demands on companies form society also change. The greater the social knowledge about the world we live in the greater the social demands on companies regarding Social Responsibility and Sustainability and as a result companies are taking incentives and committing to its success. It’s understood that economic, social and environmental issues are all closely related.

The consolidation of company ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) is undoubtedly at the forefront of today’s business world. Despite being a new concept it has great vigor. It is hard to find a large company, especially if listed on the stock exchange, that doesn’t demonstrate its efforts in this field with pride…        Forética (2007)

Grup Balfegó is one of the committed companies that have assumed this social responsibility. Grup Balfegó, is a Spanish company with international scope which is devoted to the fishing and commercialization of bluefin tuna using a corporate sustainable responsibility system.

Only through deeper scientific knowledge of the species can we improve the efficiency of its management and achieve sustainability, as well as at the same time, building awareness among fishermen of the need to manage resources according to long-term profitability criteria.

Jornadas Científicas Balfegó

Achieving corporate excellence and assuming responsibility as a sustainable company involves major innovative endeavor.

One of the main pillars of their strategy was complete faith in business process management to guarantee them success in their commitment to social sustainable responsibility. They chose  AuraPortal BPM Suite as a corporate platform for automating all their processes, from administration to production processes related to the treatment of tuna. They set up the key process: Extraction, Alimentation, Processing and Commercialization. In Ther Case Study they said:

The special feature of the BPM technology in Balfegó is that they not only used AuraPortal for the organization’s administrative processes but also in all processes related to the treatment of tuna.

An interesting and important improvement achieved is the help in creating and communicating the fishing hauls carried out in a given campaign season. It’s impressive seeing all the work we save the skippers of the ships by creating this documentation.
Juan Serrano, Balfegó general manager

Grup Balfegó has recently taken on a an interesting initiative called Tuna Tour, designed to raise awareness of bluefin tuna by conducting tours of the feeding tanks.