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30 November 2015

Statistical Simulations with AuraPortal

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Statistical simulation consists of assigning probability data to the critical events in the process under study, for example, the estimated duration of one or more process tasks, the resources associated with certain actions, costs, etc. This hypothetical data is used to provide answers to “What if” style questions and to help predict bottlenecks, performance, costs, workloads and all the essential KPI.

simulacion estadistica

AuraPortal offers a solid statistical simulation feature which can be used to assign task time values, probabilities, costs, etc.

Furthermore, AuraPortal has a wide range of statistical distributions that can be assigned to the variables, including Continuous (Erlang, Normal, Negative Exponential, Gamma, LogNormal, Weibull), Discrete (Binomial and Poisson) and also the unknown uniform and triangular distributions.

The following video shows how AuraPortal simulation successfully predicts a bottleneck in the process:

In addition to Statistical Simulation, AuraPortal offers the option of Real Simulation which is immediately accessible to process designers, management and business analysts enabling them to easily perform simulations on running processes in real working environments. Real simulation can generate significant savings in time and consultancy costs because, at the time of the initial implementation and all subsequent changes to process classes, the ability to foresee what will really happen empowers a much faster detection and solution of design problems.