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21 June 2011

Start up (Modeling and Execution) a process in only 20 minutes, without any programming!!

AuraPortal has announced that throughout the month of June, the AuraPortal Training School will give a free training Webinar available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, showing the most important aspects of BPMS (business software to design and execute the automation of processes) and how it is changing the way to manage operations in businesses and all other types of organizations.

Designing a process, even if it is a simple process, is generally not an easy task. The objective of this Webinar is to demonstrate that in only 20 minutes it is possible to model a process that can be executed. This is within everyone’s reach, without technical skills and is orientated towards the business users in the company. And of course, without the need of any programming whatsoever, not one single line of code.

In this Webinar you will see:

– How a dynamic “Master Data Management” model is structured and managed.

– What is meant by a BPMS solution orientated at the business user and their skill set.

– Complete and live Modeling and Execution/Simulation of an example process.

– Process integration with dynamic document management and the various collaboration environments offered.

– Other prominent features.

About BPMS

BPMS can be defined as “A new category of business software that allows businesses to model, implement and execute sets of interrelated activities – i.e. Processes – of any nature, be it within a department or permeating the entity as a whole, with extensions to include the customers, suppliers and other participating agents in the process tasks”.

According to analysts, the appearance of BPMS represents possibly the most important revolution in the business software domain. It is expected that eventually ALL progressive businesses and organizations of any size will work with BPMS to manage the main part of their activities.

About the Webinar

Objective: Show how it is possible in only 20 minutes to model a process and then execute it.

Duration: 1 hour

Aimed at: CEOs, Managing Directors, Area Managers, IT Managers, Analysts, Business Executives, Consultants, Organization Experts, Quality Experts and anybody in general interested in learning, in detail, the possibilities of this bold tool that is BPMS.

Cost: Free. Limited places.

Date: June 28th, 2011 at 10:00am EST

To register for this free web seminar, click here.