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14 February 2011

SODEXO manages Workplace Security in its more than 300 work centers with AuraPortal BPM technology.

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Company: Sodexo Spain (Sodexo Group)

Address: Santa Coloma de Cervelló, Barcelona, Spain


Products and Services:

1. On-site service solutions:

Food Industry: It covers from cuisine and cafeteria services, adapted nutritional programs and convenience stores, to the proper design of client promotional display spaces. Facilities Management: Commercial and building maintenance, including technical maintenance and energy engineering and management, to cleaning services, gardening, security and waste management.

2. Motivation solutions:

Restaurant, Daycare center andr Gift card incentive programs and acknowledgment.

Target Market: Spain

Used Applications: AuraPortal BPMS

In the world: Sodexo is universal leader in the combined food service and Facilities Management industry, with a presence in 80 countries, with 355,044 collaborators and approximately 29,000 commercial offices. It ranks as number 456 among the biggest companies in the world, according to the Fortune list.

In Spain: In Spain Sodexo serves more than 100,000 food industry users each day and 150,000 check and gift card users. $183 million dollars in revenue (excluding Checks and Gift card services). More than 300 offices, spread all over the national territory and more than 4,000 business partners.

With the implementation of the integrated Occupational HazardsPrevention platform signed by AUREN Consultancy firm on the AuraPortal BPM Suite, SODEXO Spain now has the most advanced technology formanaging the health of their employees, including prevention, sicknesses,and emergency claims in its more than 300 offices, with a reduction inprevention technician resource.



For Sodexo, quality of life plays an important role in employee retention andsatisfaction. That´s why it decided to develop a program called “Daily Qualityof Life Solutions”. SODEXO, as part of its philosophy of innovation and commitment to thepeople’s health and wellbeing, required a solution to help manage andoptimize its processes related to Occupational Hazards Prevention.The large number of work areas supporting the prevention technicians as wellas their diversity of issues made management very difficult and expensive. In this context, the company decided to implement an effective tool for the health management of the organization’s employees, including prevention, sicknesses and emergency control, which should fundamentally meet three objectives:

1) Develop an effective Working Health and Occupational HazardsPrevention policy in the company.

2) Comply with the current legislation, basically occupational hazards prevention, derivative regulations and related rules.

3) Adapt to the OHSAS 18001 regulation.


“Increasing the security of both our business partners and our users is one of  SODEXO´s highest priorities”.“That´s why we needed a solution that would facilitate our mission to constantly improve our management systems in the PRL environment, andmaintaining an best group of technicians”.“The solution implemented by AUREN allows our PRL technicians to dedicatetheir time to tasks of higher added value, and making periodic tasks easier, thanks to the automation of the repetitive activities and the activity planning utilities”.

Luis Risco Fuertes. Sodexo Security and Health Department Responsible.



SODEXO decided to entrust AUREN with the project, a multidisciplinary consultancy firm, specialized in Occupational Hazards Prevention as well as Information and System Normalization Technologies. AUREN offered SODEXO its Integrated Management System Web Portal solution, consisting of the launching of the vertical PRL process management solution, developed on AuraPortal BPMS and complemented by the Regulatory Maintenance and Legal Requirements service related to Prevention, offered by AUREN technicians. As a result, a mixed work group with personnel from AUREN and SODEX was setup to work toward adapting the standardized solution to SODEXO´s management requirments, and guaranteeing that the system focus, methodology, and the business rules support the needs of the customer rather than the other wayaround, as was the case previously.

The processes SODEXO decided to automate in this phase were: Legal Performance Identification and PRL evaluation of the centers. Occupational Risks evaluation in Workplaces Planning and tracking of the preventive activities Accident Investigation Management of Individual Protection Team resources Planning and management of the technician team in PRL. The system could therefore be complemented by integrating the RRHH Corporative software, so that employees and offices are maintained solely in the corporate system and entered only once, thanks to the ENTALPIA system developed by AUREN, which allows linking AuraPortal BPMS to any other corporate business application. AuraPortal BPMS provides the necessary platform for this management, which automatically creates the legal evaluation forms, customized for each office, according to previously defined criteria. As far as Accident Investigations areconcerned, the platform allows SODEXO to extract indicators of the accidents that have occurred, permitting analysis and improved decision making in order tominimize the number of accidents in the future, improve the working environment and automating the communication of accidents to the working authorities.


Once the personalization carried out by AUREN on AuraPortal BPMS was implemented, its every day working methodology allows the optimization of all resources, making sure the objectives of the worksecurity and health policies are effectively being met, and that the system is constantly updated and incidents are quickly and efficiently responded to. This solution has allowed SODEXO to simplify, organize and improvethe management of the required activities related to Hazards Prevention of more than 300 offices, with a reduced number of Prevention Technicians. As a final result, SODEXO has an integrated management platform for Occupational Hazards Prevention, in which people and processes interact in a coordinated fashion thanks to the technology implemented by AUREN on the AuraPortal BPM Suite, allowing the mto: Develop an effective work health and hazards prevention policy in the company, which brings substantial improvements in the attraction, retention and loyalty of the employees, as well as a decrease of absences in work and a savings in indirect costs, insurance, etc. Comply with the current legislation, which is known as the Occupational Hazards Prevention law, the related regulations and rules and avoid the risk of disciplinary action if there is a failure in complying with the laws. Adapt to regulations/certification (UNE 81.900 ex, BS 8800, OHSAS 18001…) over general rules for the implementation of management systems of the occupational hazards prevention, with the consistent improvement of the company image and guarantee for third parties, which represents a competitive advantage.

“SODEXO must be congratulated for being among a select group of companies that not only want to improve their efficiency, but they also really do it. And to do so, they don´t hesitate to search and implement the best solutions in order to reach a basic objective of any organization that wants to be competitive”.“With this project, SODEXO has managed to not only offer a system that really helps with legal compliance, but also provides an important step forwardin improving its management system, which will undoubtedly mean carrying out their PRL related tasks in a simpler way, in less time and reducing the continuous displacements to the offices, which can be translated in significant cost savings that are realized immediately”.“On the other hand, the biggest reason the project has been such a success is due to the SODEXO management team’s participation in the project in concert with the AUREN consultancy team. SODEXO should therefore be congratulated for this reason also”.

Xavier Sala i Leseduarte. AUREN partner