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08 June 2015

Social Collaboration plays a pivotal role in business growth

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Social Collaboration is the technological evolution of team work. Social Collaboration brings this long-valued notion of teamwork to another dimension. Today’s global connectivity enables the wide-scale combination of brainpower which naturally leads to more ideas, innovation, and improvements. Leading companies use Social Collaboration to optimize their business networks by facilitating the communication between their Business Partners, employees, and suppliers.

An iBPMS platform encompassed in a social and collaborative framework is an essential part of Enterprise Social Collaboration, as it can allow the solution of critical problems and the generation of results by connecting people within the company’s processes. Such software enables employees to discover and connect with co-workers, instant message, manage tasks and assignments, form teams and collaborate effectively. Workforce effectiveness is naturally enhanced, as traditional organizational barriers are broken down and decision making processes accelerate.

The following diagram shows how businesses can improve processes using decision democratization through Social Collaboration with an iBPMS:Debates Social Collaboration

Furthermore, AuraPortal’s Social Collaboration framework includes the possibility to see task alerts on the discussion wall and has a panel where employee activity is monitored in the system. It also incorporates a chat facility for direct communication.

The intelligent Business Process Management Suite incorporates many business collaboration tools which are established by Process, Integrated and Open task workflows and are available on premises or in the Cloud and adapted to mobile devices.

Online collaboration tools and external social sharing tools can present important security risks for organizations, therefore choosing an iBPMS that can maintain IT security, privacy, data and asset protection is of utmost importance.

In order to establish appropriate security measures businesses should:

  1. Design a business plan for collaboration and social networking solutions based on the company needs.
  2. Establish clear security governance mechanisms for collaboration.
  3. Define policies on information confidentiality and network security measures such as remote access by mobile devices.
  4. Ensure regulatory compliance.

Social Collaboration is undoubtedly central to driving knowledge sharing, learning, innovation and business growth. Organizations which embrace Social Collaboration combined with an intelligent Business Process Management Suite with a secure social base, access levels and data protection will undoubtedly gain business advantage in today’s increasingly connected world.