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08 May 2015

Smart City

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Smart City is an emerging concept and is therefore subject to constant revision. It refers to a type of urban development that uses high technology to achieve sustainable development capable of meeting the population’s basic needs.

Currently, cities are classed as “Smart Cities” when their investments promote a better quality of life for the citizens. This occurs through a lasting and sustainable economic-environmental development with a participatory government, an intelligent and thoughtful management of natural resources and the good use of citizens’ time.

Technology is essential to achieve these improvements. The Internet of Things plays an important role in meeting the objectives of smart cities and through Internet-connected devices and good process management it is possible to infinitely automate a city’s daily tasks. Such automation saves money and resources creating a much more efficient city.

Efficiency is the ultimate goal of intelligent cities.

The concept of a Smart City is based on three basic and interconnected pillars;

People – Processes – Technology


Thus, ICT supports smart cities to achieve an eco-sustainable development where infrastructure, communication and human capital coexist in harmony. Technological evolution has been and will continue to be a key element in the conversion of cities into smart cities. The features of these cities range from video cameras, surveillance, card readers in metro stations and time counters on traffic lights to movement sensors to save the electricity used by streetlights. Thanks to technology and the vision of smart cities, these improvements have become a reality.

2 Responses

  1. Marco

    Buen enfoque y aporte al concepto moderno de la Administración Profesional de Proyectos.
    Arq. Marco Cabrera S. MAP.

  2. Gracias por leernos Marco, esperamos que nuestros artículos le sigan pareciendo de interés. Un saludo!
    Iris Bas.