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25 February 2015

Should we create a BPM Process Area?

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Process Management is the basis of both the ISO standards and the EFQM Excellence Model.

The Process Management model enables the automation and optimization of the operations of enterprises and organizations of all kinds. It breaks down the overall activity into a set of ‘processes’ that can be analyzed in detail and whose repetitive actions, whether involving people or systems, can be automated.

Times, opportunities and costs are optimized without affecting the ability to constantly and rapidly adapt to changes whilst preserving the coexistence of safe methods with the necessary flexibility to facilitate active and critical intervention of people involved in the process.

Nowadays all experts agree that Process management is much more effective than the traditional functional management.

 Processes are a collection of related, structured activities that as a whole constitute the overall activity of any company or organization, and are managed and controlled by systems known as BPM.


The implementation of Process Management or Business Process Management (BPM) in an organization entails a substantial change in the way the company is managed, therefore, its implementation at a corporate level requires a specific team which can have many different names, such as: Process Area, Organization Area, Center of Excellence, etc.

So, if you are going to undertake this kind of project and don’t already have a team in place, it is highly advisable to create a corporate level center of excellence (named as you wish) for the implementation and continuous improvement of the processes.

The focus and structure of this center or area should be different depending on the characteristics, objectives, size and culture of the entity, of which there are many possibilities.


For example, initially it may not be necessary to establish a ‘physical’ area, which is traditionally the case. It could be a ‘logical’ area in which its members combine their usual work with the tasks they perform for this area until the scope of the processes is decided, i.e. whether they will automate a few, insignificant processes or the more critical ones. In the latter case a sufficient level of maturity will already have been achieved to constitute the physical area, consisting of part time staff working solely for the area. However, any combination of models can be created.

An important factor to take into account before establishing the Process Area is the choice of BPM software.


The reason is very simple; each BPM suite has characteristics which will greatly influence the area’s internal structure. For example, AuraPortal’s no programming feature for process modeling and any future modifications entails a different staff profile to that of suites which require the development of codes, i.e. programming.

I consider it essential, under any circumstance, for a center of this type to directly depend on Senior Management as it will have a profound impact on all departments.

The kernel of AuraPortal Helium is its CORE BPM, which contains three resident modules: Processes,Intranet/Extranet and Document Management.

There are also four Optional Modules that may be purchased separately to enhance the application’s scope, namely, Business Rules, WIP (Wide Interaction Platform), Content Management and Online Commerce, as well as several Complements described below.