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13 May 2013

Refinery of the Pacific Implements AuraPortal Software to More Effectively Organize Its Workflows by Fully Automating Its Activities

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Process management software provides immediate increase in operational and economic benefits.

The implementation of its AuraPortal.(*) BPM Suite in the Eloy Alfaro Refinery of the Pacific in Ecuador has been very straightforward thanks to the Suite’s flexibility, easy to make changes (even in real time) and the fact that it requires no programming whatsoever.

(*).AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum, the renowned analyst firm, in its Decision Matrix report.

AuraPortal has already proved to be a great success in other companies in the Oil and Gas industry, such as PEMEX and ENAP.

With the use of AuraPortal, Refinery of the Pacific has managed to organize and run its workflows more effectively. The benefits of having automated the day-to-day processes with AuraPortal are evident, resulting in maximum control of the tasks performed. For example, bottlenecks are detected and located in real time allowing solutions to be applied immediately; and the use of material resources (paper) is also reduced as documentation is archived digitally. It should also be noted that relevant information is now available to improve these processes, among others aspects, decreasing their execution times.

“The immediate and professional support that AuraPortal provides has greatly facilitated the implementation and launch of the system,” says Stalin Lopez, Manager of Refinery of the Pacific. He added “We definitely made the right decision in choosing AuraPortal, it is an excellent product and very flexible; all changes that users have requested have been implemented and have performed in real time. The ability to change something, try it and immediately put it into operation is a big plus.”