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09 April 2015

Process Monitoring

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One of the most important features offered by a BPM Suite is the automated and real-time monitoring, control and analysis of company activity, which enables fast and well-informed decision-making.

During process monitoring any weaknesses in business activity are brought to light. Changes can then be made in the processes to optimize their functioning and efficiency. These improvements naturally generate the culture of continuous improvement in the company.

Monotorización ibpms

Process Execution Statistics and KPI. (Phase Monitoring)

With AuraPortal, daily activity is automatically converted into useful and relevant information and is automatically distributed to the right people at the right time to enable them to make appropriate and, above all, well-founded decisions. Furthermore, it can combine data from different sources to obtain a comprehensive, integrated and completely updated view.

To convert this huge quantity of information into useful and relevant information, AuraPortal uses a structure of Controls, Views, Queries, Reports, Analysis, Records, etc.

Thus, when working with AuraPortal:

  • Each executed process registers all the information generated throughout the process, including data manually input by users and automatically generated by the system or from interactions with external applications, machinery, sensors and other devices.
  • Meanwhile, the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) register certain values in order to analyze the performance of the processes to help decision-making.

Thus, all the information is automatically registered and organized according to the determined structure which allows AuraPortal’s intelligent tools: (BAM (Business Activity Monitoring), Dashboard, BI (Business Intelligence), KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), etc.) to automate the observation, control and analysis of the facts and data in the organization.

cuadro de mandos ibpms

Dashboard (Phase Monitoring)