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28 December 2015

Christmas Campaign, presents and returns

BPM Software is a great help for retailers and large stores as it facilitates their daily process agility.However, the huge advantage of business process software is even more apparent during busy times like these. This is because Christmas is not only the busiest time of year for sales, but it is also the period of the most returns and exchanges.
22 December 2015

E-Commerce and Christmas

Buying Online has many advantages, not only can you buy what you want from the comfort of your own home, but you can also find an infinity of products that cannot easily be found in nearby shopping centers what’s more, you can often find products at incredibly low prices.
30 November 2015

Statistical Simulations with AuraPortal

Statistical simulation consists of assigning probability data to the critical events in the process under study, for example, the estimated duration of one or more process tasks, the resources associated with certain actions, costs, etc.
09 September 2015

AuraPortal in the Gartner BPM Summit 2015

AuraPortal is Exhibitor and Sponsor of the Gartner BPM Summit 2015 organized by the information technology research and advisory firm Gartner, which will take place from September 9 to September 11 in National Harbor, Maryland, USA.
07 September 2015

Sci-fi Drones Become Reality

Smart drones are emerging technologies that in the near future will become part of everyday operations in many industries and when combined with a powerful iBPMS like AuraPortal they can optimize business processes.
08 July 2015

What Our Clients Say

AuraPortal and its market-leading iBPMS solution have helped our customers to significantly improve their company workflows. Business process management has enabled them to solve different types of problems and achieve a myriad of objectives, including the benefit of savings in time and costs as experienced in all cases.
25 June 2015

Technology Empowers Financial Services

In today’s increasingly digital world, firms in the financial services sector look to Internet of Things, Big Data and Intelligent Analytics to seek, store, manage and analyze data for a greater insight to enable well founded decision-making, gain competitive advantage and improve customer satisfaction

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