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07 April 2015

New Millennia Group, iBPMS case study selected by Gartner

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New Millennia Group (NMG) is a company which operates within the £28 billion per annum United Kingdom Temporary recruitment Industry.

nmg logo


NEW MILLENNIA’s business model is based on providing administrative, financial and legal services to temporary recruitment agencies operating nationwide.

NMG have been working in this industry since 2000 and have faced many changes in the various regulations which need to be met. These changes include demanding government regulations, which involve complex company changes related to tax, salary, financial, administrative, labor and legal issues.

NMG’s activity is based on seven day cycles which end in the weekly payment of all temporary workers. Efficiency is critical as the slightest delay in the payment of wages results in major financial penalties for the company.

AuraPortal iBPMS solutions to resolve NMG’s problems:

  • The ability to build any process without the need for any programming.
  • High level of security to protect all highly confidential information.
  • A real-time management information system.
  • A mobile connection allowing access and interaction for NGM employees, temp workers and contracting companies.

The following graph shows NMG’s development: before the installation of AuraPortal as management software the main issues were: disorganization, too many software programs and paper documentation which slowed the workflow processes.

evolution new millenia group Gartner

Pigeon holes Gartner New Millenia

Thanks to the implementation of this iBPMS, all processes are reported and unified and ‘Pigeon Holes’ are a thing of the past.

Workstations were reduced to achieve greater productivity thanks to the automation of company activities. Furthermore, the use of devices connected to AuraPortal has increased  mobility.

new millenia digitalizacion Gartner

This case study was so attractive to Gartner analysts because in addition to solving all the company’s major problems regarding regulatory compliance with an implementation of around 600 processes to cover almost any possibility, it has integrated Internet of Things. Through two systems that include interaction with machines connected to the Internet which upload information to AuraPortal and automatically initiate processes.

  • Temporary workers’ identifications are quickly scanned with a machine which collects information from the document. The system then checks whether or not they comply with regulations to work in the UK.
  • Facial recognition machine to give temporary workers access to the facilities they need to use for their work. The information for recognition is previously indicated so that the procedure is automated by the process created with AuraPortal.

The results achieved by NMG after the implementation of AuraPortal are impressive. They have increased their market share and  their profits, they have dramatically reduced their costs (75% reduction in staff, 70% reduction in consumption expenses, and 65% reduction in external software support service expenditure) . They have also reduced the process execution time and have greatly reduced the time spent implementing processes.