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08 January 2015

Mobility and BPM

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Mobility has been making headway in the business world and in 2015, according to renowned analyst firms like Ovum and Gartner, it will be a hot topic and of upmost priority for Chief Information Officers (CIO). Companies should focus on becoming more competitive and mobility is an essential factor of this improvement.

Its occurrence is logical.

Currently, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.) are a part of daily life and accompany people in all their activities, whether personal or work related.

In recent years the company dimension has transformed into a virtual reality, in which companies should continue to be productive and efficient in their processes, wherever their employees, collaborators, customers or suppliers may be.

This has led to work tools also becoming virtual, thus the traditional work desk has transformed into a virtual desk, like the one incorporated in AuraPortal BPM Suite that offers BPM Processes with unlimited enterprise mobility.

The more online interaction there is, the better the capacity for communication and collaboration between employees, customers, suppliers, and everyone with whom you wish to maintain a business relationship, hereby boosting company dynamism and efficiency.

Furthermore, a good sign of business intelligence is managerial acceptance of BPM software, already considered as one of the best tools used by companies and government agencies to automatically control all operations. In this regard, I recommend reading an article published on this blog on December 10.

By combining Mobility & BPM you will have Processes at your fingertips


Any BPM software worth its salt should offer the facility of operation by mobile devices. Imagine the benefits of being able to use Mobile Devices to initiate Processes, execute tasks (enabling direct access to work flows) automatically send SMS messages as part of the Processes that generate notices and even for monitoring.

An example of BPM with integrated Mobility is the case study of Frutas Bean found here.