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18 February 2014

Mobile Devices: Work from where the business is happening

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The integration of AuraPortal with mobile devices makes it possible to work with the BPM from anywhere.

Movilidad-InicioENComplete integration of AuraPortal(*) with all types of mobile device (PDA, Smartphone, Tablet, Digital Pen, etc.).

 (*)AuraPortal has been distinguished with great advantage over its competitors by Ovum in its Decision Matrix report and by other renowned analyst firms.

In these modern times, mobile devices accompany us in every activity, whether private or occupational, which makes them an indispensible tool for carrying out our daily work.

Consequently, the size of the company has been transformed into a virtual reality where workstations are not static; they actually require a certain mobility to be able to be where the business takes place.

Through implementing AuraPortal BPM Suite, organizations can be more productive and efficient as it allows employees and external users (customer, suppliers, citizens, etc.) to start Processes, send and receive notifications, access reports, etc., from anywhere and at anytime.

In this regard, Pablo Trilles, Commercial Vice President at AuraPortal, comments, “Think about the sales force of any company that is constantly visiting customers and needs to report back or to start processes related to these customers. From their mobile devices they will be able to start order request processes or report incidents, collecting data such as their current location, inserting images from their smartphone camera or files received by email. This way we get an immediate and significant increase in effectiveness.”