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27 January 2015

Marketing and the Company Workforce

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We recently published an article on this blog about digital marketing campaigns which contained two examples of good campaigns.

How expensive is a good Digital Marketing Campaign? The cost can certainly be high.

Against this, many companies which don’t have the necessary economic backing wonder how to manage their current Marketing and perhaps they have never realized that, in addition to the importance of choosing the right name for the business, which needs to be well thought out, there is a continuous form of marketing within their reach. It is the external image portrayed by their employees, an image that requires meticulous care on behalf of the company.

There is a popular saying which is: Employees are the face of the company.

How many of us have decided not to buy something because the salesperson made a bad impression, or have stopped using a brand’s services because of poor treatment received from customer services? We may have experienced the exact opposite, when we have bought more than intended because a very dedicated employee won us over by his/her exceptional treatment and knowhow.

When we study the factors in favor of employee implication in work, we notice that, as members of the company workforce they need to function in an environment of communication and collaboration which allows them to be more active and to understand the advantages of their participation.

We will soon notice the positive increasing trend to apply a collaborative strategy within a company, just like social collaboration works on networks. ( a good example is where customers have searched for and found information on the Internet that has helped them to solve a query or incidence thanks to other customers having had the same experience), in the same way, when used within the company, it will bring rewards and will need managing.

marketing colaborativo

Social collaboration on networks is easy for us to understand as we often use it; however it may not prove quite so easy to understand how it can be applied within the business environment in order to reach the entire workforce or to decide on which tools to use to facilitate this convenient collaboration.

Companies are not isolated or inanimate objects given that they are made up of people, from presidency down to the employee who appears to have the least responsibility. For the benefit of the company and their own, they all have a responsibility to communicate everything to the team that can help continuous improvement. In corporate portals news articles are published and communicated, but there is a communication which requires a more agile and dynamic management. The large consultancy firms are currently promoting this type of communication; for example Gartner says:

“Social BPM” is a concept that describes collaboratively designed and iterated processes. These processes mirror the way work is performed from a “doer” perspective and experienced from a “receiver” perspective to harness the power of continuous learning from “the collective.”

The proposal consists of breaking down the barriers between the BPM decision makers and the users involved in the processes, who will be able to make their own comments.

The use of BPM  for collaborative strategy management within a company is explained in this blog. Please click on this link to access the article.