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luis corbi pharmacy case study
13 May 2015

Luis Corbí Pharmacy Case Study

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Luis Corbí Pharmacy is an industry-renowned company which also complies with the functions of the pharmaceutical industry thanks to its next generation laboratory. It has a team of health professionals who take a keen interest in people’s health and wellbeing and look for a balance of body and mind through natural therapy.

The pharmacy’s next-generation pharmaceutical laboratory operates like a small pharmaceutical industry which involves the interaction of many different departments: development, manufacturing, dispatch, billing, etc., therefore communication is of vital importance. Another key element is the close collaboration with doctors, hospital pharmaceutical services and other healthcare professionals, with one sole aim: patient wellbeing, health and healing.

laboratorio farmacia luis corbi

The Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) greatly facilitated the automation of inter-departmental communication and enabled reliable and secure document management, resulting in fewer meetings and oral communications, and hence huge time savings”.

The BPM enabled the pharmacy to improve all elements of management, from controlling the work done by employees to the detection of areas of improvement within the processes which make up the company’s total activity.

In short, the BPM has managed to reduce the time taken to complete tasks and has generated considerable cost savings.

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