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26 December 2011

Italy’s Societá Essematica joins the exclusive AuraPortal Partner’s network

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AuraPortal has reached a new strategic Alliance with the Essematica Society, as a reference Partner in Italy. 

Essematica has operated in the Information Technology sector for the last 30 years, which has led to their solid reputation of providing security and reliability as a company. The Essematica organization’s practice as a Systems Integrator has enabled them to develop their capabilities and skills over the years through a variety of product lines and technological environments, from the development of its central unit to its most recent support of Microsoft and Oracle platforms and the integration of application platforms such as SAP, Converse, etc.  

The considerable value that mobile applications provide to the market has allowed Essematica to carry out successful integration projects with principal market operators such as Samsung, Motorola, etc. In addition, Essematica has completed projects in the technology (security, network and data center) sector, including a significant effort with Mactimind, an important company that lists among their alliances some of the most prestigious technology infrastructure product suppliers such as Cisco, EMC2, VMware, etc. 

One of the characteristics that uniquely qualifies Essematica as an AuraPortal partner is the specialization it has gained in recent years as part of its Business Process and integrated application platform support initiative.  

Essematica is a qualified player and has widespread experience in the design of complex CRM invoicing and Credit Management systems. These specific qualities were what led us to consider a strategic alliance with AuraPortal. We believe that a Business Process Platform like AuraPortal will allow our consultancy team to better identify, perform and add value to our client installation activities.” comments Gabriel Lanzeta, Director of Business Development at the Essematica Societá

We have found a highly qualified vehicle with which to penetrate the Italian market, in Essematica,” says Pablo Trilles, Vice-President of AuraPortal. Their experience and demonstrated professionalism will help make successful BPM projects possible, offering their clients the highest level of specialized service in the creation and implementation of integrated business solutions, which can transform management and operational procedures into automated processes using the AuraPortal Platform” .