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19 December 2014

IoT and materials that make it possible

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Ulrich Dietz, Member of the Presiding Committee of BITKOM (the German Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media) comments

….Internet of things has matured and become incredibly attractive for businesses. The challenge for companies in all areas of industry will be to pinpoint the potential of this technology for their own business by developing radically new business models and forming the right partnerships early on.

Periods of price reductions in technological products are obviously of great benefit to the technological evolution. Large companies that are committed to the future of technology and technological research don’t hesitate to invest heavily after big gains; we have clear examples with Samsung or General Electric and others.

Furthermore, there are global innovation competitions like the one that will take place during the event in Vienna on April 9, 2015, dedicated to the Internet of Things, in which entrepreneurs will present their IoT related ideas.

But what about the materials that permit and are essential for the development of new technologies and therefore is IoT already an incipient reality?

For the objects to interconnect there is an undoubtable necessity for a permanent internet connection and certain concrete factors in terms of high speed connections and the possibility for digital storage of quantities unheard of until now. Therefore, I will not necessarily avoid mentioning the magical world of quantum computing and on which I found an introductory article. (Follow Link to article)

Moreover it is essential that electronics are affordable in terms of price while at the same time are able to make authentic miniatures. This requires some materials whose properties are also “magic” and Graphene meets all the currently foreseen requirements.

I invite you to read some business related articles on Graphene which is considered as the material of the future:

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Image: Smartphone Graphene Prototype (Link source)