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24 February 2015

Insurance Sector: Improve Customer Relations

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The financial and insurance are high risk sectors and need absolute control of all their internal and external processes from beginning to end. This explains why these are the two sectors most interested in understanding BPM and taking the initiative to implement BPM suites.

Insurance companies should focus on rapid communication with customers over the Internet, whilst maintaining traditional communication methods either in person, via e-mail or by phone.

All insurance companies, whether newly founded or long established, need to improve their customer connections by making their communication channels much more dynamic and fluid which helps managers perform their sales activities and after sale care with great ease.



Companies often ask the question:  In terms of technology, which is the best way to gain a competitive edge?

1.- To adapt what we already have functioning and fix it by ‘patching it up’?

2.- Dare to change and take the initiative to manage everything with innovative next generation business process management software?

3.- Dare to change and keep using what we know works by integrating it with the new software?

At AURA, with our vast experience of the insurance sector, we can help to remove any such doubts by demonstrating the platform we have to offer and all its benefits. AuraPortal Helium Insurance naturally integrates: 1) the possibility to launch product campaigns (both digital and traditional) aimed at existing customers or at attracting new customers, 2) the self management of the insurance firm and everything involved in it and 3) intelligent interaction with customers to provide them with the service they deserve.

AuraPortal Helium Insurance (BPM Software) optimizes the key management areas of insurance entities:

  • Global Risk Management
  • Strategic Customer Management
  • Corporate Document Management
  • Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Outsourcing Management
  • Human Resource Management

rsalogopequeCase study BPM awarded with ‘Global Awards for Excellence’ by the ‘Workflow Management Coalition, WfMC’


Do you recognize any of the following processes?

. Electronic File System Support

. Processing new policies and changes to existing policies (solidarity, personal, general, auto, etc.)

. Processing new policies from Internet requests, (solidarity, personal, general, auto, etc.)

. Claims and complaint management. Processing claims and complaints relating to any product range. The management of all new and activated related claims

. Document transfer from document history to the electronic file system (passive storage)

. Temporary period reservation by a sales executive to manage specific customer proposals

. Management of all necessary procedures, from the creation of a company product offer (health, home, transport, fire, etc. insurance) to issuing the policy

Managing a product offer from the Affinity branch, starting with the proposal of the product range to the creation of the corresponding technical documentation

. Execution time controls for requests

. Entering pre- report through a Web Form

. Opening of new business or existing quotes, including notices, delivery of documents and queries to external customer databases, to the possible policy issuance

. Activation of mobile insurance via Internet

. Claim Recovery Record Management

seguro 2
. The management and validation of the documentation provided. Claim calculations and communication with the inspection and issuing process.

. Vehicle inspection

. Issue requests and staff allocation

. Policy generation and sending to the broker

. Claims Processing and Payment of Compensation

. Processing right of appeal: non use of data for economic reasons

. Development of ‘information and management’ platforms that enable the unity of common channels of communication for both employees and customers to access all information with the appropriate access rights

. Complete cancellation of classic credit

. Queries regarding response cards generated by the claim management process

. Card queries

. Invoice queries according to the area in which the executing user belongs

. The creation of new multiple-choice questionnaires to publish in blogs and on the company website

. The creation of new queries from anonymous users in the public forum

. Procedure to generate data whose writings stem from the legal process

. Procedure to manage queries that will be issued by any agent of the compliance area directly from the Insurer’s private Blog

. Public Blog Forum: the capture and management of forum queries

. Publication modification requests on the Blog

. Web content approval management

. Public Blog surveys

. Private Blog surveys

. Surveys and all related activities

. Processing of null/ denied contracts

. Treatment of personal data: Process to manage customer requests about their right to refuse the processing of their personal data

AuraPortal Helium Insurance can automate all of these activities and many more!

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