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28 April 2015

INCAE Business School Case Study

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INCAE is one of the most renowned business schools in the world and in order to continue to achieve high results the business school needs to rely on top quality software. In 2012 they chose AuraPortal as the software to manage their processes because of its clear competitive advantages.

One such advantage is that AuraPortal is a platform to design and execute all the processes of any organization, regardless of their complexity, with great ease and without any programming. This feature allows INCAE to drastically reduce the time and cost of process implementation and even more importantly, it enables them to modify their strategies, operations, etc. at any moment to adapt to the ever changing situations.

INCAE Businness school

The implementation of AuraPortal process management platform enables INCAE Business School to document, innovate and optimize their processes and to establish a culture based on these processes. The BPM software has successfully improved human resources, quality control and risk management and eliminated student waiting periods.

We invite you to watch the attached video in which the people involved discuss the implementation of AuraPortal and its success.

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