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17 March 2011

In 2005 PEMEX purchased the AuraPortal product in order to automate the strategic processes of its Exploitation and Production division

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Company: PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos)

Address: México D.F., Mexico


Products and Services: Exploitation, Production and Refining of Petroleum, Gas and basic Petrochemical Products.

Target Market: Global provider of Petrochemical products to public and private entities.

Used Applications: AuraPortal BPMS

Extract: PEMEX Mexican Petrols (Petroleos Mexicanos) is the largest company in Latin America, with 150,000 employees, and are ranked 31 in the world as one of the largest companies globally.

1. Introduction

In 2005 PEMEX purchased the AuraPortal product in order to automate the strategic processes of its Exploitation and Production division. Once again, in 2007 PEMEX decided to also install AuraPortal for its Corporative Administrative Processes. PEMEX has been using the AuraPortal BPM Suite for years now in a large scale and with full satisfaction.

2. The Problem

Although AuraPortal is present in other Pemex Divisions, this Case Study is referring to the implementation rolled out in its PEMEX Exploration and Production Division.

PEMEX Exploration and Production takes up, at a global level, third place in terms of crude production, the first place in offshore hydrocarbons production, ninth place in crude reserves, and the twelfth place in revenues.

Until 2005, after 10 years of using a system called SEAPSA, most of the operations and processes were carried out manually, and not automated. As a result, Pemex realized they needed a BPM system in order to automate key business processes such as: Job Applications, Technology Change Administration, Minor Change Administration, Design Process Automation, Traffic Maintenance Tracking and Control, and Mechanical Integrity, all included the within manual SEAPSA, environmental protection system.

The main challenges they were facing where:

  • In SEAPSA the processes were carried out manually.
  • There was a lot of documentation created and maintained in paper format.
  • Independent Microsoft Excel spreadsheets where used extensively.
  • There was a need to integrate with a number of external systems.
  • Several processes had a high degree of complexity.
  • It was necessary for the processes to be easily changed once they were created.

3. The Solution

Having decided that their solution had to pass through the automation of their business processes, PEMEX Exploration and Production made a BPM Suite evaluation among the most prestigious brands in the market, giving priority on the following parameters:

  • Short implementation time.
  • Automatic document and library integration.
  • Easy integration with other applications by means of Web Services and the Adapter Server.
  • Eliminate the dependence on IT to create and support process models, and allow IT to focus solely on IT infrastructure.

The characteristics that marked them decide for the AuraPortal suite were:

  1. Rapid implementation and deployment.
  2. A licensing scheme adapted to their needs.
  3. Quick response to maintenance requests.
  4. Minimal programming during the implementation.
  5. Fast return on their investment.
  6. Auditing support.
  7. Automatic integration of electronic document libraries.
  8. Decision making support, and.
  9. Visibility into of business operations in real time.
  10. Integration with other applications.
  11. Ability to keep electronic business process models updated, for certifications.
  12. Ability to maintain a high level of business and operational discipline.

The Optimus Sistemas Holísticos Consultancy Firm, an AuraPortal Partner, was responsible for managing and guiding the project.

Thanks to the fact that the AuraPortal BPMS solution already has many business processes predefined and new models can be created without the need for IT programming, the implementation time was reduced considerably. For example, the ̏Design Process Automation˝ process in which 150 users need to interact, with a high degree of complexity, the system was able to go-live in just 3 months, including the integration of other institutional systems using Web Services and the AuraPortal Adapter Server.

Another important aspect of the solution was the characteristic of AuraPortal to serve as the platform for the Corporate Document Management aspect of the project, which enables the complete automation of the four Document Management pillars: Capture, Creation, Flow and Access to documents. More specifically, the automatic creation of all types of Documents (simple or complex) can be carried out from the process Tasks by means of Base Documents that allow preparing complex templates for creating Automatic Documents along with the variable data of each process.

̏With AuraPortal we simultaneously perform thousands of proceedings, thousands of processes and thousands of documents, all integrated. Also, it´s a software open to the instantaneous changes of the proceedings, formats, reports etc, regardless of the company type.˝
Eng. Sergio Morales, Design and Installation Responsible in the Exploration and Production Division.

4. Real Results

Aside from the simplicity, time and cost savings of the implementation itself, working with AuraPortal has brought PEMEX Exploration and Production many added advantages, both operational and financial, through the fact that the company was able to realize immediate results, and can quickly make changes to processes without having to wait for IT staff.

Performing thousands of processes is no longer a problem. Each user receives his tasks assigned in his own AuraPortal desktop, a powerful and intuitive workbench that incorporates all the management, organization and control elements of the work to be carried out: Ranks, Priorities, Expiring Dates, multiple Searches, Planning using different criteria, Slights, Orderings, Alerts, etc.

Eliminating all paperwork was a huge cultural change for the staff. Day to day, the workflows (tasks) are now in charge of controlling business activities and, therefore, they are the natural bearers of the necessary information for their optimum execution. Just like when designing the Tasks, the documents that must be reviewed within a process are linked and made available to the user, so there´s no need to search for documents, as they´re already at the disposal of the task performer. Additionally, most documents are created using the Base Document utility, which fills in a template with the Process data. This capability provides extraordinary time savings when creating documents, as well as a secure and a error-free platform for document management and delivery.

The business status knowledge is obtained in real time. The Dashboard registers and shows the Process users and company management the current status (times, delays or advances, diversions regarding patterns, costs, etc.) of all processes while they´re being executed, without having to wait to review performance at a later date. Performance data is available in real-time. Business Intelligence dashboards allow management to perform focused analysis, drill down, and statistical comparisons of performance trends for Processes or groups of Processes that have completed their cycles.

The ROI has been extraordinarily fast in all implemented processes, ranging between 4 months for the “Design Process Authorization˝ process and a year for the “Job Application” process.

“For me, the main benefits of using AuraPortal are based on the fact that you can easily design the processes immediately, without any programming need. You can easily adapt the system to the PEMEX strategy, purchase orders, service orders, sale orders, all procedures, and all formats. Before, we always needed an IT expert to make changes. With AuraPortal this is no longer the case. It is like having your suit custom tailored, but quickly and easily. With AuraPortal we have avoided the process interruptions and no conformities and now there´s tremendous agility in decision making. Now, the procedures are carried out in large quantities without errors or delays”.
̏In my opinión, AuraPortal is better than the ones offered by the other big software companies. Others enslave the user, but AuraPortal does not. You can change everything in one night with no pain at all.˝
Eng. Sergio Morales, Design and Installation Responsible in the Exploration and Production Division.