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30 March 2015

iBPMS the evolution of BPMS

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If we review the glossary in our blog we will find certain acronyms and denominations relating to business management.

BPM.  Acronym for Business Process Management. A Business Model (Approach + discipline) designed to manage business processes.

If BPM is the way a company works using processes which facilitate its comprehension and global performance, BPMS is the software used to implement and develop this way of working with  a more agile and automated approach.

After having reviewed these two concepts, let’s now look at the most current of all – iBPMS. iBPMS is simply the natural evolution of BPMS.

iBPMS as its name suggests, is software for intelligent process management. This means that it has many more features than the conventional BPMS and provides improved support and intelligence across business processes.

iBPMS has added support for social collaboration, integration with social media tools, mobility; access to processes from any media and a greater capacity for real-time analytics and decision making.

Therefore, this new form of intelligent business process management is the next generation of BPM for companies. iBPMS use the latest technology to achieve a degree of operational response that was not possible with previous process platforms.

Today, most companies want to have a more optimal and quick overview of their operations. This growing demand for operational business intelligence has led to a new evolution of BPM, the more “intelligent” version of business process management suites (BPMS).

An intelligent BPM suite provides the necessary functionality to support complex business transactions, including real-time analysis, an extensive complex event processing (CEP), monitoring technologies; Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), greater mobility and cross-platform compatibility, social integration and collaboration capabilities.

Ibpms AuraPortal

Gartner, the information technology research and advisory firm, coined the term iBPMS and identified the following 10 core components essential to intelligent BPM Suites:

  1. A process orchestration engine
  2. A model-driven composition environment (Modeler)
  3. Content interaction management
  4. Human interaction management
  5. Connectivity
  6. Active analytics (Descriptive Analytics)
  7. On-demand analytics (Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics)
  8. Business rule management
  9. Management and administration of the technical aspects of the iBPMS
  10. A process component registry/repository

A good iBPMS system is capable of seamlessly managing the increasingly complex work models. Therefore an iBPMS like AuraPortal can resolve each and every process from any company, regardless of how complicated it may seem. AuraPortal meets the criteria outlined by Gartner and has the added benefit of its most attractive feature: No programming required.