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11 May 2015

iBPMS make day-to-day work simple and effective

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Working with iBPMS doesn’t pose users many adaptation problems, especially when compared to working with ERP software or the difficulties caused by trying to introduce a BPM culture without using an iBPMS.

On the contrary, iBPMS software greatly helps every aspect of the change.

Automated workflow operations are extremely comfortable, much more so than if not used. The act of writing everything on the computer screen is more of a break than a burden for the user.

An iBPMS does not make more work; on the contrary, work is reduced. The proof is that when people start to use this system and discover how easy and efficient it is, they wouldn’t contemplate working any other way. Therefore, system users are likely to accept this new software.

The biggest help these entities will receive to make the change in BPM projects will come from the platform itself, especially if the BPM suite is user friendly.

Basically, day-to-day work with an iBPMS is as follows:

1. As soon as each process is running, the system itself is the driving force that distributes work to everyone who should execute an action of any kind, in accordance with the Process Diagram.

2. Each of these people, on receiving the task in their personal agenda, does their work according to the task instructions, expresses their opinion and completes the task.

3. The task itself drives and facilitates the work. Each task contains all the necessary data and documents for the executor to complete their work without having to leave the task, even if they are contained in other integrated applications used by the entity.

The executor need not look for information; the information comes to the user.

4. Furthermore, as a result of these tasks, the system records the activity of each user, as well as all data and documents (created, modified or deleted), and automatically updates the records of each management element determined by the company: employees, customers, suppliers, projects, departments, etc. including the database used to extract information (also automatically) for company monitoring and intelligence.

Working with an iBPMS like AuraPortal produces an unstoppable drive that leads any pending job to completion, obligating each user to perform their tasks to ensure an efficient workflow.

If, like with AuraPortal, the interface of the worktable and of each task is designed with the users’ wellbeing in mind, the work will be comfortable and problem free and any initial rejection will transform into satisfaction and effectiveness.