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13 January 2015

How do you undertake a BPM Project?

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A BPM project should focus on automating all the company’s processes, but this does not mean “all at the same time”.

We have often mentioned that the global activity in companies and organizations can be broken down into independent processes that are inter-connected. This enables a detailed analysis of each process.The BPM strategy implementation and its automation can happen in stages without requiring a great deal of work or investment of time or money.

As it is possible to automate processes in stages, it is extremely advisable to analyze them “all” before automating them. This can take years to finalize, depending on the complexity of the corporate project.

Such lengthy waiting periods makes business managers lose interest and projects lie dormant despite the large investments. A complete failure!

In the extract from his book “BPM, What to Implement and How to do it”, BPM expert Jose Noguera, explains the following:

Next generation BPMS already have the necessary tools to ensure maximum automation and to greatly compensate for the loss of flexibility and adaption to change, whilst of course maintaining security.

Even so, this automation must always be carried out with prudence, and it is advisable to begin with the simple activities and to make the change gradually in order to ensure a smooth transition from one stage to the next.

It is advisable to analyze the processes one by one, without losing sight of the big picture. By first analyzing then automating, the process can be trialed and put into use. This is how to achieve a good result in a short space of time.

Análisis procesos AuraPortal

If we perform in this way, companies will be pleased with the quick results. In addition to benefiting from a fast ROI they will have the ability to easily and gradually analyze and automate more processes, including the ones that are critical and complex, in an environment in which its reluctant users will adapt to the new way of working almost without realizing and will show no signs of rejection. On the contrary, they will notice the advantages of using intelligent management software that works from a powerful BPM engine like AuraPortal.