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09 January 2015

How Do Our Managers Use Their Mobiles?

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A study conducted by GFK this summer, in which 110 executives and middle managers of Spanish companies participated, revealed our “addiction” to mobile phones, not only at work, but at any given moment or situation.

For example, over half of the managers questioned (56%) find it impossible to avoid looking at the phone during meetings, but although this situation is work-related; in their free time many of them maintain this habit: 32% look at their mobile when out with friends. Even more significantly, this practice continues at home: about 20% admit to taking a sneaky peek to check their calls and messages whilst with their family; during a meal with their partner or whilst minding their children. If that wasn’t surprising enough, 12% say they even watch a film at the movies with their mobile or Smartphone to hand.

This is how people function these days, totally connected to our environment… our world. We are connected 24/7 to a digital world which consumes us and becomes reality.

This can relate perfectly to business mobility. The importance of having a BPM adapted to mobile devices with the possibility of messages instantly reaching management is becoming increasingly evident.

Furthermore, technology is continually evolving and managing to merge our environment, making it more and more difficult to separate. Phones have been changing and meddling in our lives, but above all they have been facilitating business communication between companies and customers. As mobile technologies evolve and improve performance they will become a part of business reality as if it had always been the case.

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In today’s dynamic business world, mobility is the new standard.

Most companies, however, are tied to their environment of inflexible work desks. Even small company owners, traditionally averse to new technologies, are adapting to mobile technology due to its ease of use and the value it adds to their companies.