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09 June 2011

Hot Business Topics. Business Procedures and Regulatory Compliance Management

AuraPortal has presented a new ‘Hot Business Topic’ in international forums, dedicated to the optimization and automation of Business Regulations using a latest generation BPM Suite.

Whether those regulations relate to Quality, Occupational Safety, Hygiene, Environment, Personal Data Security, Information Security, Basel III, Solvency II, Patriot Act, AML, SOX, etc., using AuraPortal BPM as a platform can help to manage and maintain regulatory compliance in the workplace.

AuraPortal covers the two critical sides of Regulations management:

System Administration for Regulatory Compliance Management

Management procedures and regulatory compliance monitoring will be managed through specific processes, including: documentary cycle to create, review, approve and notify documents, recording of incidents with the approval and monitoring of corrective actions, plans, execution and recording of internal audits, meetings management, training courses and seminars, etc.

Enterprises Business Processes

AuraPortal promotes regulatory compliance, because when designing the many work entity processes, the regulations are taken into account, including the tasks for compliance. These will have their corresponding Business Rules, both textual (instructions on the tasks to be carried out by people) and automatic (which run the system without human intervention).Thus, when appropriate, actions will be launched automatically to ensure their strict compliance, thereby reducing risk, work (cost) and response times.

In this way, technical instructions and regulation specifications will not depend on personal memory that is needed to apply them, nor will they only appear on paper for their consultation, but will take part in a highly automated set of AuraPortal processes.

The natural result of using this system is the meticulous regulation compliance. The system itself leads to compliance, as it marks the steps to follow.

Awareness of the company direction in compliance with regulations will be reflected in the design itself of administrative processes. The involvement of all users concerned will be maximized, as they will have to follow the instructions in their respective workflow phases.

With AuraPortal’s Extranet, external users can also participate in the business processes, receiving and sending tasks. Thus, both the application of regulations as well as the monitoring will also be transmitted to subcontractors, suppliers (products, equipment or packaging), transport, etc., ensuring full compliance with quality, as well as with suppliers, partners, agents, etc.