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22 June 2015

Grup Balfegó Case Study

This post is also available in: Spanish

Grup Balfegó is a Catalan company devoted to Fishing, Aquaculture, and the Commercialization of Bluefin tuna. It is the only company in the world to implement a fishing-produce Traceability System; this system provides visibility for customers to check when the product was caught, how long it spent in the facility, health controls, alimentation, etc. Furthermore, customers can obtain a validated Catch Document simply by inputting a traceability code in Grup Balfegó’s website.

Grup Balfegó decided to implement AuraPortal BPM Suite as part of their strategy to achieve business excellence.

Thanks to the implementation of AuraPortal, Grup Balfegó has successfully automated all company processes, from Extraction to Commercialization, including processes such as Alimentation, Processing, etc. As a result the company has experienced a significant increase in the efficiency and reliability of its entire operation.


The implementation has also made it possible for Grup Belfagó to access vast amounts of data, enabling them to analyze times and results, thus helping them achieve their objectives.

To quote Begonya Melich, Environment, R&D and Quality Control Manager,

Having analyzed our development and the improvements we have seen from day to day, I would definitely recommend AuraPortal.

Thanks to AuraPortal, Grup Balfegó has optimized its processes in such a way that tasks which used to take 5 hours to complete can now be achieved in just 20 minutes.