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20 March 2015

Gartner BPM Summit: Case Study NMG and AuraPortal

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New Millennia Group and AuraPortal presented their success story in iBPMS Gartner Summit 2015.

Gartner selected the Case Study of New Millennia Group with AuraPortal iBPMS to be presented at the session of the event dedicated to users, suppliers and experts to share experiences. For this selection, Gartner took into account the excellent use that New Millennia Group did with an advanced iBPMS as AuraPortal. This case is also an example of successful integration of the new concept of Internet of Things, since a software as AuraPortal BPM allows, thanks to Web Services, initiate processes based on the activation of sensors, devices or other systems.,

New Millennia Group adopted in 2010 AuraPortal BPM as its business program to boost their B2B business model and its use has enabled New Millennia Group to provide a solution for companies in the UK, to comply with the Act Regulatory Agency Workers (AWR) from the time of its enactment.

AuraPortal was the only company that accepted our challenge, and accomplished with great success. Moreover, as said, they showed that all can be created through its user interface without any programming.”

“You have to find the right product, but is also very important to find that the supplier provides a high level of service, that they use the time to properly train the people that model and analyze the processes in the company and that they do not end up treating the client like another number. If you have that – and we really have it all with AuraPortal – the rest of the project should flow automatically “.

Don Payne
Managing Director New Millennia

Thanks to the new way of managing the company, NMG (New Millennia Group) has increased quickly their business by 50%..

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