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07 July 2011

Free Webinar about the Automation of Processes through a BPMS (Business Process Management Suite)

The seminar will take place on the July 19 at 10:00 (EST time zone), discussing the tremendous competitive advantage created when working with a next-generation BPMS, along with the associated savings in company costs and overall Return on Investment (ROI). All presented with a practical focus.

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The objective is to show the scope of the activities that can be executed directly by the system through the Process Engines, without human intervention. These actions, that can also be prepared without any IT programming, can have a tremendous impact on the management of a company, allowing for a significant reduction in time, costs and the possibility of errors.

In only 1 hour, the most important facets and practices of BPMS will be revealed.

The course has two perspectives:

1. Theoretical view of the concepts presented in the agenda.

2. Practical view through a real exercise about the features of the AuraPortal application, being the prime example of innovation in the world on BPM.

Documentation: The course includes documentation of the explained material.

Aimed at:

CEOs, Managing Directors, Area Managers. IT professionals. Analysts, Business Executives, Consultants, Organization Experts, Quality Experts and in general anyone interested in discovering the possibilities of this powerful tool that is BPMS.

Date/time of Webinar: July 19 at 10:00 am (Eastern Daylight Time, GMT-04:00)


1- Introduction

Elements of Process Automation

2- Automation Features

Mechanisms in Personal Tasks
System Tasks
Business Rules
Document Creation
Script Execution
Web Services (SOA)

3- Practical Examples

Task Automation
Corporate Document Management Automation
Automations through Business Rules

To register for this free web seminar click here