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12 January 2015

E-Commerce and User Habits

This post is also available in: Spanish

Is the market ready for our mobile demand?

Whilst 45% of Spanish people use their mobile phones or tablets to access the Internet, only 60% of online shops have adapted to the use of these mobile devices (report eEspaña 2014 by Orange).

Thus, online shops play an important role in the evolution of habits, and in the way consumers assume them. They are evolving; however studies show that they are still not succeeding in this latest role and reason for existence: Online Sales.

Expert consultants agree that for their part, online shops should direct their development towards:

  1. Much more investment in design and content.
  2. Directing their contents to objective markets (Products, services, languages, etc.)
  3. Speeding up access and facilitating browsing between pages in order for users to find what they want in just three clicks.
  4. Simplify the purchasing procedure.
  5. Reinforcing loyalty strategies (Attention, after-sales care, competitive international deliveries, etc.)
  6. Rewarding mobile customers by adapting to the use of mobile devices.
  7. Not discriminating against “mobile” users by adapting online sales to mobile platforms. Offering a mobile version of the site, developing app’s to help them promote, provide access to shopping, etc.
  8. We must not forget about the “back office” technology needed to support all the activities and strategies of online shops. Bear in mind the concept of “Unique Data”, standardizing daily processes, managing content and its designs easily and without losing creative power, etc.


Recently the consultancy firm INVESP published a study revealing that 65.23% of online shops’ shopping carts are abandoned and that the average rate of conversion of e-Commerce is 2.13 %, i.e. only two in every hundred customers that visit online stores actually buy something.

Internet sales should be as safe as, or safer than over the counter sales. Achieving this involves both the online suppliers and the consumers. I understand that people feel safer making physical purchases than buying online. It is all about increasing the levels of trust in online stores and working within the indicated barriers will help consumers feel increasingly comfortable with online activities.

Igna Almar
(AuraPortal's Sales Department Director)